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The Buderus oil boilers are perfect for either residential or commercial applications. For your oil heating needs, Buderus offers a large selection of different oil boilers. Whether you decide for proven efficiency or the most modern technology, Buderus oil boilers are sure to be the right choice for you. Oil heating can be adapted to your individual needs and delivers comfortable warmth. Oil heating works independently of weather or time of day. With the wide range of oil products by Buderus, you are sure to find the most tailored fit for your home heating needs.


You’ll enjoy all the benefits of heating with oil in addition to saving money with AFUEs over 93%. Buderus brings you an ingenious combination: a modern, environmentally-friendly oil boiler plus the ultra-efficiency of cutting-edge technology.



The gas heating of Buderus is the solution for comfortable warmth in the entire house and reliable warm water always.  The extensive Buderus product program offers everyone the correct gas heating. Whether detached house or multiple-family dwelling, a Buderus gas heating boiler offers comfortable warmth to an outstanding price-achievement-ratio. Buderus Gas Heating for Your Needs.


With the use of propane and the Buderus condensing boilers, you will experience a much more consistent amount of warmth while saving energy unlike conventional heating methods. The new generation of our gas condensing boilers are designed to recover heat energy that is discharged into the flue and return it to the heat exchanger for maximum efficiency.  Conventional heating systems waste gases and significant heat loss into the atmosphere occur. With Buderus, up to 98% thermal efficiency can be achieved compared to 70%-80% with conventional designs.

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Thermo Pride

Oil Furnaces
For the past 60 years, Thermo Products, makers of Thermo Pride heating and cooling equipment, has listened to your concerns about comfort and has met your demands for the best, most reliable, and efficient furnaces and cooling systems. Every Thermo Pride product is built with traditional, dependable craftsmanship. What this means to you is quiet, reliable, long lasting performance.

Comfort is the purpose behind any heating system. “Temperature rise” makes the difference between feeling warm, comfortable air from the registers in your home or the feeling of cool air blowing across you when the furnace is on. It is the difference in air temperature from the point where it enters the furnace to the point where it exits. The higher the temperature rise—the warmer the air when it enters the rooms of your home. Thermo Pride has a standard 70°F temperature rise across its full line of oil furnaces. This is an air temperature up to 30°F warmer than the competition—providing a far superior comfort level.

Each Thermo Pride cabinet is powder coated inside and out for a durable, tough finish that will ensure long life and a quality appearance. The interlocking insulated furniture grade steel cabinet helps retain heat within the furnace and prevents annoying vibrations during operation. The rounded corners add structural strength and a pleasing appearance to the cabinet.

The heat exchanger is fabricated of 13-gauge copper coated steel in a unique octagonal shape to increase the surface area and the heat transfer of the heat exchanger. The copper coating helps prevent corrosion from external damp conditions. This unique combination of design and material provides Thermo Pride oil furnace owners with the confidence that these furnaces are made to last a lifetime!`

Gas Furnace

The proven longevity of Thermo Pride’s heat exchanger combined with the “Peace of Mind” warranties, help eliminate your risk and worry of having to repeat a substantial investment. The “Peace of Mind Plus” warranty provides that if the heat exchanger fails within 10 years from the date of installation, Thermo Poducts will provide you with a replacement furnace*. The “Peace of Mind” warranty covers the cost of defective parts for the first ten years and covers the heat exchanger for life. Should you sell your home, the warranties will also transfer automatically to the new homeowners.

Thermo Products is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. This means that our products are quality inspected to ensure a high level of value. Also, all of our condensing furnaces bear the ENERGY STAR® logo. These products are more than 90% efficient, saving you money on energy bills.

Proven quality components, heavier construction throughout the appliance, and a cabinet that is designed to last are just a few quality features of Thermo Pride gas furnaces. All three models, the Premiere Series, 90% Condensing, and 80% Mid efficiency are constructed with state-of-the-art components to operate under a variety of conditions while providing complete comfort.

Comfort is the purpose behind any heating system, and warmer air from the heat vents in your home means greater comfort for you. “Temperature rise” is the temperature difference between air entering and exiting the furnace. The higher the temperature rise—the greater the warmth of the air when it enters your home. Thermo Pride has set a standard of 70°F temperature rise across its full line of furnaces, considerably higher than other manufacturers’ units. Offering quality, value and traditional craftsmanship, a Thermo Pride gas furnace is truly the gas furnace built for you.

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Heat pumps are now a realistic option for any home, in any climate. Hte H2i® MXZ family or Hyper-Heating INVERTER TM residential systems offer year-round, high-efficiency heating and cooling for a variety of rooms, including bedrooms, basements, sunrooms and more. A variety of indoor units provide zone comfort control while the INVERTER-driven compressor and electric LEVs in the outdoor units provide closer control and higher efficiency and minimal power usage.



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